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Ruby and Fellas kitchen offers
food of all sorts!

Whether it’s a fresh salad to enjoy on the terrace, burgers and wings to eat during a game or some finger food to enjoy with a nice drink, you will be sure to find something to fit your appetite! Don´t forget about dessert!

Lucky end from the start

Hobbit’s treat 8€

Snickers / Susu

Crispy deep-fried chocolate bar with vanilla ice cream.


Avec in a Cake 8,5€

Bailey’s cheesecake.


Snacks & Stuff

Fellas platter (L) 20€

Onion rings, mozzarella sticks, Ruby’s chicken and french fries. Carrot and cucumber sticks, Ruby’s remoulade and chili mayo.
Recommended beverages: Lager

Stick me UP! (L) 6€

Mozzarella sticks, carrot and cucumber sticks with chili mayo.

Goblin’s hot wings (L, G)

mild/medium/hot/extra hot

Included blue cheese dip, Carrot and cucumber sticks.

12pcs 9,50€
16pcs 12,90€
25pcs 16,50€

I.P.A Porky (L) 5€

I.P.A marinaded overcooked pork.

Fun with fries 10€

Iced french fries with the filling of your choice.

Tofu (G, V)

Ginger tofu, vegan cheese, sesame seeds, marinated red onion, coriander and vegan mayo.

Cheese (G)

Mozzarella-, cheddar-. halloumicheese, marinated red onion, tomato and cashewaioli.

Chicken (L)

RUBY’s chicken, coriander, marinated red onion, tomato and ginger mayo.

Pulled pork (L)

I.P.A pulled pork, cheddar cheese, roasted onion and chili mayo.

House special’s

Bathtime with Guinness (L) 16,5€

Lamb stew simmered in Guinness with herbs and onion. Served with roasted potatoes, seasons vegetables and mint-peach jam.
Recommended beverages: Guinness


Fish & Chips (L) 17,5€

Beer breaded cod, garlic and parsley fries, malt vinegar, mayo and pea paste.
Recommended beverages: Fuller’s ESB


Banger’s and mash (L) 16€

Spicy sausages, fried onion, Jaloviina-pepper sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and pickles.

Cheese Heineken toast 9,5€

Rubys crispy roasted toast with chorizo-ham filling. Served in Heineken-cheddar sauce.

Street Food

Feta-falafel poke 13,5€

Fresh salad, beetroot falafel, feta cheese, marinated seasonal vegetables, garlic bread and mango creme.

RUBY’s Burger 12€

Brioche bun, grilled beef, Heineken-cheddar cheese sauce, Ruby’s remoulade, bacon, fresh salad, tomato and red onion.
Recommended beverages: Ale

Chicken pita (L) 12€

Spicy corn breaded chickens breast, mango creme, salad, marinated cucumber, red onion and avocado hummus.
Recommended beverages: IPA

Falafel pita (V) 11€

Beetroot falafel, salad, marinated cucumber, red onion, vegan mayo and avocado hummus.
Recommended beverages: Lager/Pils

Side (L, G)

  • French Fries 4€
  • Sweet Potato Fries 5,50€
  • Side salad 5€
  • Garlig-parsley fries 4,50€

Dip 2€

  • Ruby’s remoulade (L,G)
  • Mayo (L,G)
  • Creme fraiche (L,G)
  • Vegan mayo (V,G)
  • Ginger mayo (L,G)
  • Mango creme (L,G)
  • Cashew aioli (L,G)
  • Blue cheese dip (G)
  • Chili mayo (L,G)

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