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Ruby and Fellas kitchen offers food of all sorts!

Whether it´s a fresh salad to enjoy on the terrace, burgers and wings to eat during a game or some finger food to enjoy with a nice drink, you will be sure to find something to fit your appetite! Don´t forget about dessert!

Snack & Stuff

Ruby’s Platter 11€

Onion rings, jalapeno poppers,mozzarella sticks and Ruby’s chicken. Carrot and cucumber sticks,Ruby´s remoulade and aioli.

Fellas Platter 25€

Onion rings, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, Ruby’s chicken and french fries. Carrot and cucumber sticks, Ruby´s remoulade, aioli and chili mayo.

Meat Pie 13,90€

Ground beef in tomato sauce and potato smash gratinated with cheddar/mozzarella sauce.

Goblin’s Hot Wings

mild / medium / hot / extra hot

12 pcs 9,50€
16 pcs 12,90€
25 pcs 16,50€

Chili Cheese Fries 13,50€

medium / hot

Smoothly spicy chili con carne, french fries, cheddar, pickled jalapeno and crème fraiche.

Vege Chili Fries 13,50€

Smoothly spicy lentil chili, french fries, cheddar, pickled jalapeno and vegan mayo. Please ask the staff for a fully vegan version.

Garden Delicasy

Kaikki salaatit sisältävät kurkkua, tomaattia, pensasmustikoita, balsamicoa ja maissipatonkia. All the salads include cucumber, tomato, blueberries, balsamico and corn baguette.

Chicken Run 16,50€

Cajun-spiced chicken, avocado yogurt and roasted peach.

Finding Nemo 17,90€

Salmon skewer, dill crème and roasted mushrooms in garlic butter.

Lucky End

Hobbit’s Treat 8€

Snickers / Susu

Crispy deep-fried chocolate bar of your choice with vanilla ice cream.

Main things

Fish & Chips 18€

Beer breaded cod, garlic and parsley fries, malt vinegar, mayo and pea paste.

Drunken pork 20€

Overcooked pork, bacon and cheddar flavored potato mash and roasted onion.

Chicken waffle 17,90€

Ruby’s tasty waffle with satay-chicken,salad, tomato, pickled vegetables and crème fraiche.

For Hungry Fellas

Hot Dogs Ruby’s Style

Royal Weiner 14€

Pretzel bun, Cumberland sausage, chili con carne, aioli, corn salad and roasted onion.

Cheesy Bark 13€

Pretzel bun, roasted halloumi cheese, corn salad, aioli, red onion compote, pickled cucumber and avocado yogurt.

Street Food

All Ruby´s burgers are filled with tomato, pickled cucumber,  fresh salad, caramelized onion, mayo and love.

Ruby’s Burger 12,50€

Brioche bun, lamb steak (120g), bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion and Ruby´s remoulade.

Chicken Burger 13€

Brioche bun, Cajun-spiced chicken, red onion compote, blue cheese and mayo.

Seitan Burger 13€

Brioche bun, caramelized seitan, vegan mayo, salad, pickled cucumber, red onion compote and tomato.



  • French Fries 4€
  • Sweet Potato Fries 5€
  • Sidesalad 5€
  • Parmesan & garlic fries 5€

Dip 2€

  • Ruby´s remoulade L
  • Blue cheese dip
  • Aioli L
  • Avocado yogurt L
  • Vegan mayo L
  • Créme fraiche L
  • Goat cheese mayo VL
  • Chili mayo L

+We also have basic mayo!

Please state your allergies!


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