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Please inform the staff of any allergies.
Orders from the counter please.

Ruby’s All Day Breakfast (LF) 15,90 €

Tapola’s black sausage, Guinness flavored tomato sauce with beans and mushrooms. Cherry tomatoes, eggs and bacon. Served with whiskey flavored lingonberry sauce and toast.

Fella’s Sausage Fest (LF) 16,20 €

Spicy sausages and Tapola’s black sausage. Served with bacon flavored sauerkraut and whiskey mustard.

Beef ’n’ Bacon BBQ Toast (LF, ask for GF) 8,20 €

Beef with bacon, red onions and roasted BBQ-glaze. Served with coleslaw.

Blue Cheesy Chicken Toast (LF, ask for GF) 8,20 €

Chicken with blue cheese and cheddar sauce, red onions and coleslaw.

Seitan O’Fellas Toast (Veg) 8,20 €

Vegan seitan toast with red onions and mint & lime flavored vegan mayo. Served with vegan coleslaw.

Fish and Chips (LF) 18,20 €

Beer-battered and deep fried fish of the day served with fries and Ruby’s cheddar sauce.

Ruby’s Ribs (LF,GF) 16,20 €

Tender pork ribs glazed with BBQ-sauce and coleslaw.

Carnivore’s Pie (LF,GF) 17,90 €

Beef briskett, Guinness flavored tomato sauce with beans and mushrooms. Topped with mashed potatoes.

Herbivore’s Pie (LF) 17,90 €

Pulled oats, Guinness flavored tomato sauce with beans and mushrooms. Topped with mashed potatoes.

Fella’s Fresh Salads 15 €

Season salad; beans, sugar peas, cherry tomatoes, red onion and house vinegrette. Served with bread, ask for a gluten free option. Chooce your favorite:

Ruby’s House Salad with boiled eggs, roasted potatoes and bacon. (LF)

Seitan (Veg)

Goat Cheese

Ruby’s Hot Wings (L,G)


10 pcs/ 10,90 e

18 pcs/ 15,90 e

Wings are served with carrot, celery and blue cheese dip. We use Poppamies hot sauces.

Ruby’s Sides

Fries (LF,GF) 5 €

Sweet Potato Fries (LF,GF) 5 €

Sauerkraut (LF,GF) 5 €

Ruby’s version of sauerkraut with bacon.

Ruby’s Dirty Potatoes (LF,GF) 7 €

Roasted potatoes with bacon and onion, topped with cheddar sauce.

Dips (LF) 1,5 €

Blue Cheece



Mint & Lime (Veg)

Fella’s Sweeter Side

Sticky Toffee Cake (LF) 8 €

House mud cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Fella’s Waffle (LF) 8 €

Sweet waffle with ice cream.

LF=Lactose Free, GF=Gluten Free, Veg=Vegan
For more information concerning allergies or intolerances, please contact the staff.